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Piano Nobile Gallery

The Manitoba Society of Artists (MSA) is pleased to announce it has contracted with the Centennial Concert Hall to Curate the Art Exhibitions that are held on the Piano Nobile.


The approximate time frames next available for 4 new shows are:

1. Winter 2022/2023
2. Spring 2023
3. Summer 2023​
4. Fall 2023


Shows are currently being booked for 2022-2023 but artists can specify a preferred time period of 2024.  Please note that show length is 2-3 months. The fee is $150 per exhibit, not per artist.

Below is a PDF Call Booklet for this specific the Piano Nobile call. Please read it in full before submitting, by submitting you agree to these terms, and submissions made in error will not be refunded.

Enquiries can be sent to

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